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Your AI instructional design assistant to make dynamic learning experiences easy to achieve

Reimagine course preparation with Summations AI, your partner in effortlessly creating tailored learning materials. Summations AI helps professors generate customized lecture materials, interactive questions, and comprehensive tests, freeing up time to engage more with students and foster active learning.

Summations AI

Your 24/7 instructional design assistant

Giving educators their time back to do what truly matters: teaching!

Supercharge your course prep

Generate and edit AI-powered textbook sections, questions, and assignments to seamlessly integrate new materials into any course, all under your control.

Supercharge your course prep

Add engagement in one click

It makes adding active learning components to course materials faster and easier, whether between lecture slides or for student practice.

Add engagement in one click

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Empower your teaching with the right tools, granting full autonomy to elevate your lectures and classroom.

Summations AI are just one of many ways Summations assist instructors to deliver a personalized lecture. We go beyond our AI capabilities. Explore more features for daily instruction from Summations. .

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